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over 1 year ago

HackDefi Launch!

Welcome to HackDefi, where we're taking Defi to the next level with Bitcoin. In this hackathon, you'll build safe, smart, secure Defi projects anchored to Bitcoin by leveraging Proof of Transfer, Stacking, and Clarity smart contracts on the Stacks 2.0 testnet and reap the rewards.


A little bit more about Clarity, Clarity optimizes for predictability and security. It provides precise tools for enabling on-chain logic while reducing unintentional errors and eliminating whole classes of bugs. Clarity is a decidable, interpreted language, giving it a number of safety and security advantages while also making it much easier to reason about smart contract behavior, cost, and performance.


Below, you'll find everything you need to enter, including a getting started checklist. If you run into any trouble or just want to say hello, you can message the team at, join us in the hackathon channel in Discord or reply to this email. 


Getting Started Checklist:

□ Register on Devpost

□ Join the dedicated channel on Discord

□ Register for an upcoming workshop. The first one is an AMA which takes place on Wednesday at 11:30am et in Blockstack's Discord 'ask-me-anything' channel. 

□ Resources:

□ Start building!


Thanks for joining us, see you soon!